- I will be YOUR mayor. Decisions
will be based on “real” numbers and factual information. I will reduce
in-camera meetings, hold quarterly town hall meetings and be
available to residents.

HOSPITAL - Initiated the fight over 6 years ago to save our hospital. I
did not & will not give up. We need to save our Welland hospital.

TAXES - Eliminate waste at city hall, investigate realigning management
to cut cost and increase efficiency & direct funds where they will provide
the biggest benefit to the community. City & related finances will be
open and transparent.

Recreational Waterway - Allow controlled multi-use of the canal so ALL residents can benefit from & enjoy the waterway. There is room on the waterway for flat water and other uses. Too much of WRCC budget & monies are spent on management and administration. Hold line on the budget to interest earned and ensure money is spent where needed to directly support maintenance multi-use and rowing on the canal.

JOBS - Work to develop Welland as a distribution hub, work with
upper level governments to reduce local electricity rates and provide
needed transportation links, personally & aggressively pursue
WATER/SEWER - Review alternative billing structures that are fair to
all customers and investigate monthly billing so leaks can be
detected early to avoid huge, unfair bills.
AGE FRIENDLY - Work toward ensuring age friendly housing,
transportation, recreation etc. meet the needs of all age groups. Get the
Long Term Care beds we need and deserve.

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