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  1. I was hoping that you will become our next major. I probably will vote for you. The Liberals had more than enough time to do the mandatory corrections and the NDP is no alternative for me to run Ontario.
    But most of Tim Hudak's statements I cannot consider to be program for success.
    He failed one time with the and I am afraid this will happen again or he will disappoint his voters by failing. He should go much more in details.
    I met Tim when he was still a young man. Obviously he would have needed a good mentor who told him what to do and why. Every young person needs some guidance. Now it is too late.
    Not everything what the Liberals did was wrong. Wrong was how they did it as well as her overspending and acting before thinking about our province. The need to be punished for that.
    I support you in keeping our Welland hospital. My wife and I had our surgeries there and nothing was wrong. After so many years some renovations are certainly required and new equipment may be needed. But because of uncomfortable chairs and a dull paint you must not replace it by a new building. Important are the doctors, the nurses and all the other staff.
    I came with a German company to Canada and I met my wife here. She had to go in Germany in a hospital which dated back a few hundred years. They had all the state-of-the art equipment at this time and my wife did not get any infections there. Both of us got them in Welland. Maybe the air conditioning system is the reason for that. It was the reason for infections in many hospitals including in Germany.